Jewish Social Justice Resources


Social justice has been a pillar of Jewish tradition, history, and culture for thousands of years. Understanding the various ways that social justice is Jewish is complex and exciting. The resources below provide introductory perspectives on Jewish social justice. They are good starting points for anyone trying to understand the basic definitions of Jewish social justice.

The History of Jewish Social Justice in the US -- a resource in the form of a prezi that we, the Roundtable, created in 2017.

What’s Jewish About Social Justice? -- a four-hour curriculum from Avodah, created for their Service Corps Members

Jewish Articulations of Social Justice -- a compilation of texts that describe 7 articulations of Jewish social justice, created by Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, for their Selah Leadership Program​​

​​Hineni ("Here I Am") -- a video showcasing the Jewish imperative for justice, through a speech from President Barack Obama, created by the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable

How Not to be a Shmuck: A Two-Part Guide to Behavior When Serving -- a discussion guide from Repair the World

Jewish Social Justice Beit Midrash -- source sheet from Repair the World for defining Jewish social justice

What’s Jewish About Justice? -- table tent signs created by Jewish Funds for Justice, posted on the Jewish Women’s Archive



The following resources describe the history and context of the Jewish social justice sector:

History of Jewish Social Justice in 20th Century America - an online presentation (prezi) of the history of our sector, created by the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable 

Jewish Social Change in the 21st Century (2013)

This booklet created by the Roundtable and the Nathan Cummings Foundation gives a broad overview of the history of Jewish social justice in the US. 


Visioning Justice and the American Jewish Community (2008)

Visioning Justice, a report commissioned by the Nathan Cummings Foundation, assessed the Jewish social justice field – through research, analysis, and reflection – and to identify key strategic directions for engaging more American Jews, more effectively, in issues of social and economic justice.


Smashing Idols and Other Prescriptions for Jewish Continuity (1994)

Written by Leonard Fein and published by the Nathan Cummings Foundation, "Fein calls for renewed attention to the quality of the community as a nurturing home for its members and for a more articulate and sturdier devotion to the work of tikkun olam, mending the world, on the part of the community."