Hannah Weilbacher
Each year, Passover offers us an amazing chance to infuse our sacred Jewish rituals with our social justice values. The story of our exodus from enslavement and our struggles with being a liberated people teaches us lessons that are all too applicable in today's broken world. The Jewish Social Justice Roundtable strives to hold onto these lessons while we take action to address modern day injustices.
Update: May 9th, 2016
Our social media conversation was as robust as our seders were! Check out a taste of how we used #ActOnPassover during the holiday here.

In order to make sense of these connections, check out three resources for how to #ActOnPassover:
Roundtable Executive Director Abby Levine writes about why we #ActOnPassover in E Jewish Philanthropy and Sight Line. She talks about why Passover is a social justice holiday, and why taking action to heal our world is a fundamentally Jewish practice. There is also an interview with Roundtable organization JFREJ's Dove Kent up on Sight Line, plus plugs for many Roundtable events and resources.


"There could not be a better moment to consider the intersections of Judaism and social justice than April 2016. Our world, our country, our community, is crying out for fairness and equity, in a multitude of ways. And Passover is just days away, the holiday when we retell the Exodus story and ask questions of freedom and liberation."

Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ActOnPassover on FB and Twitter! Why, or how, do you #ActOnPassover? 
Bring this conversation to your Seder. Here are Haggadah supplements and events that our network has or is going to do for Passover! Roundtable organizations are doing some amazing work. 
Wishing you all luck as you #ActOnPassover.