"Get well soon" cards for Restaurant Week workers

Mae Singerman, Jewish Social Justice Rountable

Organizers are gearing up to deliver flowers and get-well cards to restaurant workers across the city as a token of appreciation and sign of concern for the people who cook and serve their meals. [They will] let customers know that as they go to enjoy their Restaurant Week deals, there is a good chance that their waiter could be sick, all because they couldn’t afford to take the day off and get better.

In This Restaurant Week Jews Wash Their Hands of Unsanitary Treatment of Workers, Sam Jewler and Monica Kamen, members of Jews United for Justice in Washington DC, write about their organization's unique strategy for educating and mobilizing consumers about the right to paid sick leave for restaurant workers.

The problem is that in DC, tipped workers are excluded from a 2008 law requiring seven days of paid sick leave. For customers, even at upscale restaurants, this means you could have a server with a serious contagious illness serving your food because they need the money or are worried about being fired if they miss work. A worker interviewed for this story came to work with SWINE FLU! And he isn't the only one.

If you see organizers out during Restaurant Week, show them some love and help them extend paid sick leave for restaurant workers, for all our health!