How to Make a Difference in Immigration Reform: In District Meetings or Op-Eds

Mae Singerman, Jewish Social Justice Roundtable Coordinator

As Congress debates the immigration bill, now is the time for the Jewish community to join with millions of people across the country to support immigration reform. 

If you can do one thing to support immigration reform this month, here's what you should do: schedule a meeting with your Senator's office OR write an op-ed to your local newspaper. 

The Senate will likely vote on the legislation in June, and lucky for us, all of the Senators will be in their home states from May 24-June 2. While they are home, Senators and their staff meet with constituents and pay attention to the local debate. 

Your visit or op-ed will be part of Speak Up: A Jewish Week of Action on Citizenship, a national project to amplify Jewish support for immigration reform.

In District Visits

Join with your synagogue, organization or community group to set up an in-district meeting with your Senator's office.You don't need to be policy experts or able to debate details of the bill. Simply tell your own stories about your connection to the immigration issue and tell your Senator you support comprehensive, humane and just immigration reform.  

Here are a few resources to get you started: (links)

Tips to a Successful In-District Visit, from National Council of Jewish Women
- A great piece to leave behind with members of Congress: Open letter on immigration from Jewish organizations (March 2013)

Use these talking points to draft a personal opinion piece to send to your local newspaper, Jewish paper or local blog about why you care about immigration reform. You should have a draft ready by Wednesday, May 22. We can provide editing support and advice about placing it locally.

Questions? Ready to sign up and get support in making the visits and op-eds happen? Email Mae at [email protected]