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As a Future Rabbi, I’m Standing With Native People Against the Dakota Pipeline, The Forward

by Miriam Grossman, Reconstructionist Rabbincal College

When I learned that the Enbridge Corporation bulldozed a Native gravesite with no consequences from the government, I saw my Bubbie, a pogrom survivor, a memory keeper. I asked her once, “Do you ever want to go back to Romania?” She answered, “Our family is buried in Europe. But even the graves are gone now. I don’t ever want to go back.” When Bubbie died she took with her the last living link to the world of my ancestors, her village. Its graves and holy places are gone. Our family connection to that place was severed. When people on Standing Rock talk about the destruction of graves, I hear Bubbie mourning how we are cut off from our ancestors. I feel called to help stop this desecration from happening today to people I love on Standing Rock.


Jewish Nasty Women: We must claim our history to repudiate Trump, The Times of Israel

by Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

In the messy mix of my history of both privilege and struggle, I have flourished. Unlike Mr. Trump, I understand that with my accomplishments comes an obligation to create opportunities for other people who have been marginalized.

Jewish tradition teaches over and over of our obligations to those on the fringes of society. The Hebrew Bible repeats the adage “Remember you were a stranger in Egypt” no fewer than 36 times. The prophets admonish that we care for the widows and orphans in our midst. The rabbis insist that we protect the rights of the worker against abusive masters. The mystics of the Middle Ages describe a world that is shattered and broken and their modern, activist heirs build this imagery into a theology of tikkun olam, repairing the world.


Shall We Really Pursue Justice in Baltimore in 5777?, Baltimore Jewish Times

by Claire Landers, Jews United for Justice

The work to reform policing is far from complete, and so we cannot desist from this task. This new year, help reset the balance of power between citizens and police. Engage your hands, your feet, and your voice when the General Assembly reconvenes. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “Know that every deed counts, that every word is power.” Join with us at JUFJ to make a difference in 5777. It is the least we can do for all who walk the streets of Baltimore today.

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Battleground Showdown, Baltimore Jewish Times

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“This is something I have done a lot in the past with various groups,” Novey said, “but it is the first time I was with JUFJ. So doing something like this with a Jewish group allowed me to express my values not only as an American, but also as a Jew.”