Marriage Equality Reflects Our "Highest Values"

Mae Singerman, Jewish Social Justice Roundtable Coordinator

Jewish Social Justice Roundtable members have been leaders in the faith community fighting for marriage equality for years, even as many faith traditions remained silent or actively opposed equality.

This year, Jewish Community Action and Jews United for Justice were central in their statewide fights against marriage discrimination, with Keshet fundraising explicitly for their statewide efforts. Once again, JSJR members are publicly supporting marriage equality all the way to the Supreme Court.

In a Forward article published today, "Jewish Groups Back Gay Marriage at Top Court," the Religious Action Center (RAC), National Council for Jewish Women and Bend the Arc are all cited as taking strong public positions for marriage equality.

“There is an increasing religious consciousness across an ever wider spectrum that providing legal protection and religious sanctification to two people who want to create their lives together reflects our highest values,” [David] Saperstein told JTA.

Saperstein said the RAC was planning to file or sign onto an amicus brief in support of same-sex marriage.

Sammie Moshenberg, the Washington director of the National Council of Jewish Women, said that recent victories for same-sex marriage in state referenda vindicate NCJW’s activism against DOMA.

“We saw in the last election popular support for marriage equality, with wins in Maine, Maryland and Washington, and voters in Minnesota rejected” a law that would have entrenched the ban on gay marriage in that state, she said. “We've seen tremendous popular support, and we see it’s growing.”

With the Supreme Court's recent decision to take up two cases surrounding marriage equality, the stakes and the possible victories are higher than ever.