New York Regional Engagement

Hannah Weilbacher

The Roundtable is undertaking a project to build the Jewish social justice field in the New York region, over the next two years. This project will:

  • build the capacity of the 29 Jewish social justice organizations with staff based in the New York region, through high-quality, cutting-edge learning opportunities, discussions and professional development
  • create and support an enabling environment for collaborations through relationship-building and identification of shared interests, taking steps toward becoming more of a movement

Roundtable staff are currently gathering information about the needs of the NYC-based staff of the 29 organizations currently affiliated with the Roundtable. With such a breadth of organizations in and around the city, we see untapped and unmatched potential for collaboration and cross-organization learning in NYC. 


We envision two New York formal convenings in year 1 of the grant. One will offer opportunities for networking and learning among all Roundtable member and ally organizations that have a base in New York, regardless of size, scope or issue focus. The other convening in year 1 will be geared toward a specific cohort, so will be smaller, more focused, as well as grounded in a network framework (rather than expert-driven). This will also be determined by participant interest.


So stay tuned, New York - and let us know what you'd like to see us put together in your city. 

Thank you to the UJA Federation for their partnership and support of this effort!