Purim Social Justice Resources!

Kali Silverman, Habonim Dror North America

Purim is a great holiday full of fun and contemplation—in good ol’ Jewish fashion, we retell an important story of our people (with sound effects), are able to rejoice in our freedom (in costumes), and are expected to give to our friends (mishloah manot) and the poor (matanot l’evyonim), not to mention the gender and social justice sichot (conversations) this chag brings up! It’s like the chag was made for us—well, it kind of was!

As Jewish educators, we were pretty excited to put together this resource. We hope you will use these resources in events, with your families and with friends! 

In this Purim Resource, you’ll find:

  • “Real Story of Purim not pleasant when you’re a woman” by Jane Ulman with commentary by Jeremy Oziel

  • “What was gained by Haman's death: Transformative Justice and Purim” by Zoey Green-Yummy Recipes!

  • “Feminism, Food, and Introspection” by Noa Swisa, Camp Galil Shlicha

  • “Masks and Flasks, Love and Light” by Rabbi Sharon Brous

  • “The Purim Massacre in Perspective” by David Meyer

  • The Half-Shekel Tradition by Kali Silverman

  • Jewish Social Justice Roundtable Resources from our friends at National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), Keshet, Hazon, American Jewish World Service and more!

Enjoy, Chag Sameach, & Aleh v’hagshementaschen,
The Mazkirut Artzit (central office) of Habonim Dror North America