Roundtable Launches First-Ever Peer Coaching Program!

Emily Saltzman

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable Peer-to-Peer Coaching Program! This exciting new project will offer support, guidance and increased capacity to the staff of our organizations. We are connecting professionals from across the Roundtable in pairs to support and guide each other in their work.

The participants in the program have been trained in a peer coaching model and will meet four times to workshop challenges, encourage each other to grow professionally and support next steps. The 30 participants come from all professional spheres - ranging from development, communications to office management, from educational programming to community organizing, and management staff to youth programming -- in search of professional growth.

Below you'll find several resources on coaching for participants to use to further support their coaching practice.

We’re excited to see where this program goes!


Peer Coaching Resources

Describes history and purpose of peer coaching in addition to benefits and common models 

Videos about peer coaching, including effective communication, non-evaluative feedback and role plays

Additional resources that describe a number of peer coaching models and strategies

  • Roundtable Peer Coaching Worksheet

Scroll down to download this document created specifically for this cohort


Other Professional Coaching Opportunities
If you’re interested in furthering your own professional coaching development by either joining other programs and/or becoming a coach yourself see below for some helpful links.


Jen Walper Roberts, a professional coach and AVODAH alum, has supported a number of Jewish social justice staff in furthering their professional growth. She focuses her work on supporting women leaders through both individual clients and organizing peer coaching cohorts.

Become a professional coach! Their programs help maximize potential through life coaching, professional coaching, and personal coaching by enriching your lives and creating better, profitable opportunities.

The largest in-person coach training school in the world. They also provide a great deal of resources at no-cost on their site.