Roundtable Meeting Funds - apply by March 8th

Hannah Weilbacher

“Wow - I wish we had more time to talk about that!”


If we had a nickel for each time we heard that at the Network Assembly...


At the Network Assembly, we heard important, meaningful conversations that you all wanted to continue with each other across organizations in the Roundtable after the Assembly. We’re going to help you make that happen.


Apply now for Roundtable funds for an in-person meeting that will further an important conversation for you, your organization, and the Roundtable.


How do we retain the best employees? Where do we go from the conversations around Israel/Palestine? How do we support women in leadership? What do organizers in the Midwest need, uniquely? These are just some of the questions we heard - what else is on your mind?



If accepted, we will give your meeting $1,000-3,000 for meeting expenses to make these important conversations happen within the Roundtable. Fill out this application by Thursday, March 8 at 5 PM EST, and we will reach out with a decision by late March or early April.



Applications are due in 6 weeks!

Fill out the application due 3/8


This is an amazing opportunity to (easily and cheaply!) make an important conversation happen within the Roundtable. Please reach out with any and all questions - we are more than happy to think this through with you.


>> We strongly suggest a team of at least 2 people apply together. Priority will be given to conversations that will have a clear purpose for the Roundtable network as a whole - ie, that will this conversation strengthen the whole movement, not only the participants who attend the meeting. This should be a facilitated conversation about a relevant topic, not necessarily a skills-based training.

>> Although it's a short application, we're giving six weeks for you to find a buddy or two and make sure it's a conversation that would benefit a critical mass of organizations (if you need that time).


>> If you weren’t at the Assembly, or if you are suggesting a conversation that did not begin at the Network Assembly, you are certainly still encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to conversations that continue from the Assembly, but we are open to any and all ideas that will strengthen our movement.



The nuts and bolts:

  • The $1,000-3,000 funding will cover your food, travel, and whatever other logistical support you might need for your meeting. You can use it how you’d like, and don't need to use it all, but we will not be able to provide more. If your meeting will cost more, speaking with your organizations about supporting the meeting is an option.

  • Your meeting can take place wherever you'd like. The funds must be spent by December 15, 2018, and ideally will be spent by October at the latest (but why wait!?).

  • If approved, we will ask you to set a date for your meeting and city by mid-May.

  • Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement 2 weeks after the date of your meeting.

  • A report on how the meeting went is also due 2 weeks after the event.


Thank you!