South Florida Women dig in their heels this campaign season

National Council of Jewish Women

As part of the National Council of Jewish Women’s signature initiative Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote, NCJW is mobilizing Jewish women in Florida to educate their communities against frightening ballot initiatives that threaten religious liberty and women’s access to health care. NCJW leaders hosted a voter education forum this weekend in South Florida, educating 200 people on the importance of defeating Florida Constitutional Amendments 6 and 8 in November and mobilizing them to educate others.

Amendment 6 would allow the government to interfere in a woman’s personal health care decisions. Amendment 8 would change the religious freedom clause in the Florida constitution and repeal the state’s ban of public funding for religious institutions, also known as the “Blaine Amendment.”

“Those of us who have fought tirelessly to secure the right for women to make personal decisions about their own health, and for tax dollars to remain in the public sphere rather than be diverted to religious programs and institutions are outraged by the way these ballot amendments would allow such serious issues to be co-opted by religious and political leaders who seek to legislate one particular faith viewpoint,” said Jill Swartz, NCJW Florida State Policy Advocate. “People of faith should not be fooled by the false rhetoric of religious freedom purported by advocates who support Amendments 6 and 8.”