Where are America’s Poor?

Rabbi Steve Gutow, Jewish Council for Public Affairs

Have you noticed that a discussion of America’s poor has been conspicuously absent from the national policy debate? So has Rabbi Steve Gutow of JCPA. In his words...

“We had our first presidential debate last week, which focused entirely on the economy, jobs, and entitlements. Yet missing from a conversation about a country in the wake of the worst recession in modern memory was any substantive discussion of those who have been suffering the most: the poor.

Unemployment insurance, one of the main lifelines for those between jobs, is slated to expire for millions of Americans at the end of this year. These planned cuts, ignored by our candidates, would mean that those still supporting themselves and their families while actively looking to reenter the workforce will have to make choices between buying food for the week or gas to get to job interviews; covering medical bills or covering mortgage payments.

Unemployment insurance is keeping millions from deeper poverty while the economy recovers, but discussion about it has not risen to any place of importance in this round of presidential politics. For all the talk about America's unemployment rate, there is surprisingly little talk about the lives of America's unemployed -- the actual people.”

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