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Nurturing Rabbis To Pursue Activism

July 24, 2012  |  New York Jewish Week
Article focusing on the increasing importance of Jewish activism — long a phenomenon of the foundation and nonprofit sector — in congregational life with a mention of the Roundtable's formation. 

What is the Jewish Social Justice Agenda?

February 18, 2012  |  Zeek Magazine
"The 21 organizations that make up the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, sent these rabbis, lay leaders, community organizers, staff, old and young, women and men, gay and straight to the day long White House briefing. The focus? Housing and...

What is the Jewish Social Justice Agenda?

February 18, 2012  |  Zeek
As Americans, we see a lot of political theater in the Beltway. Yet we rarely see a moment of political theater as melodramatic as the recent congressional show(down) starring the House of Representatives, the debt ceiling, and potentially...

170 Jewish Social Justice Leaders to Meet With Obama Administration

July 28, 2011  |  PR Newswire
 "On Friday, July 29th, 170 representatives of organizations that are part of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable (JSJRT) will travel to the White House for a policy briefing to exchange ideas on housing, healthcare, food justice and education."

New coalition aims to make social justice a community priority

October 25, 2009  |  JTA
“ 'Jewish social justice and services is emerging as a field, and individually there are many things the organizations can do, but there's a power in them working together to make for a robust movement,' said Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, director of the...