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Jewish Young Adults Get Out the Vote in Boston

Prior to the 2008 Elections there was a lot of public concern over the fact that young adults (people aged 18-30) were seemingly become progressively less connected to the political process. Study after study indicated that a general sense of civic apathy had descended upon the youth of America. 2008 however saw an upsurge in the participation of young people in electoral politics with record numbers of young people turning out to vote.

Jewish Women Educate and Mobilize Voters Across Florida

Ongoing threats to women’s health and religious freedom in the form of two Florida ballot initiatives have made 2012 a critical election year. The National Council of Jewish Women South Florida Coalition, through its campaign to defeat Amendments 6 and 8, has been mobilizing hundreds of Jewish women across the state to educate voters through forums, events and a strategic ad campaign.

Words of Torah for Marriage Equality

This is an excerpt from an article posted on Keshet’s blog on Go there to read the full piece.

Jewish Community Action sparks 5773 conversations

Jewish Community Action members attended the Twin Cities Pride Parade on June 17th, with other local Jewish organizations. Check out more pictures.

South Florida Women dig in their heels this campaign season

As part of the National Council of Jewish Women’s signature initiative Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote, NCJW is mobilizing Jewish women in Florida to educate their communities against frightening ballot initiatives that threaten religious liberty and women’s access to health care.

Protecting the vote for elderly, poor and disabled residents

The Pittsburgh Jewish Social Justice Roundtable held a forum last night with around three hundred community members. This timely forum puts the Pittsburgh Jewish community on the forefront of voting rights issues for the November election. Half a dozen officials and community leaders spoke about a new law that has gone into effect in Pennsylvania. The law requires voters to come to the polls with a valid state identification, while only requiring a valid social security number for absentee voters.


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