What is the Jewish community doing on immigration?

Wondering what our community is doing on immigration this summer? Here's a round-up of much of the work happening as well as some media articles showcasing our field.   

August Recess 2013: We Want a Vote Now! Jewish Actions for Immigration Reform

Members of Congress will be in their districts for the August recess: August 2nd – September 8th. Extremist anti-immigrant groups are already mobilizing to delay and destroy immigration reform.

Click here to write a letter to the editor on immigration!

As immigration moves through the House, it's time to write letters to the editor of local newspapers to express our support for immigration reform. It is time to share our own immigration stories and express why we believe immigration is a Jewish issue.   There are two methods to writing a letter to the editor. 

Jewish Groups Make Waves Before Senate Vote

As we gear up to take up the fight in the House, check out these articles highlighting some of the work of our member organizations in the struggle for immigration reform.  

Text to Borrow from for Immigration Action Alerts!

This blog post features text from Jewish organizations for action alerts on immigration reform. Please feel free to draw inspiration from the text posted here to help craft your message on immigration reform this week.  As we receive text, we will post it here.  JCPA:

Action Alert for Jewish Community in Pennsylvania: Immigration Reform

On Tuesday, June 11, President Obama gave a speech from the White House about the Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, S. 744, declaring that “if you’re serious about really fixing the system, then this is the vehicle to do it.”  In the afternoon, the Senate voted in favor of beginning substantive deliberations on the bill. We will likely see dozens of amendments filed from both sides of the aisle as debate moves forward over the next few weeks.  It is critical that the Pennsylvania Jewish community lend it voice in support of S.

Jewish Organizations Make an Impact on Immigration Reform

  See below for some exciting updates on work coming out of the Jewish community on immigration reform.    Congressional Meetings Rabbi Ali Abrams at Jewish Council on Urban Affairs delivered a letter, along with immigrant rights groups, from almost 20 Illinois rabbis to Senator Kirk's staff asking that he support immigration reform.

Update on Immigration Campaign- 45 In District Meetings!

This month has been huge for the Roundtable's immigration campaign- as we act, write and speak up about the legislation which could change the lives of millions of New Americans. Here are some highlights from Roundtable organizations this month:   45 In District Meetings Congrats to everyone who set up and did/are doing meetings with their members of Congress! At last count, there were 45 meetings in 21 states and DC. Special shout outs to: Bend the Arc, with a whopping 21 visits throughout the month of May

Call In Day for Immigration Reform

On Tuesday, May 21, lift up your voices together and call your Senators and tell them that you support comprehensive immigration reform to address our nation’s broken system. CALL 1-888-897-0174 to be connected to your Senator! Along with others across the country, tell Congress that you demand reform that does justice to our American and Reform Jewish values.


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