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HIAS met with Pres. Obama Friday on CIR, joining 13 other faith orgs

March 11, 2013Mark Hetfield, President & CEO of HIAS, was one of 14 leaders of faith-based organizations invited to meet with President Obama to discuss his commitment to Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) on Friday.In the meeting, Mark Hetfeld, told the assembled: “Immigration was the number one issue of the American Jewish community until the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, and it remains a critically important issue for us—it goes to the core of who we are as a people.” He added that in the Jewish community, the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable—comprising repres

Learning about our member organizations

Have you heard the term “Jewish social justice” but aren’t quite sure what it is or what the groups that are part of our network do? Check out this document which features each organization, it’s logo and one accomplishment from the past few months.  

Bend the Arc prioritizes common sense immigration reform

President Obama addressed many crucial issues during last night’s State of the Union address.

This week in immigration reform

With both the President and members of Congress apparently raring to go on immigration, the Jewish community, long-time advocates for citizenship and the media took note.  Essential Reading:

Jewish groups weigh in on immigration debate

Upon the heels of President Obama’s immigration reform speech yesterday, Jewish organizations from across the political spectrum have expressed solid support of immigration reform and quickly.

Jewish Women Educate and Mobilize Voters Across Florida

Ongoing threats to women’s health and religious freedom in the form of two Florida ballot initiatives have made 2012 a critical election year. The National Council of Jewish Women South Florida Coalition, through its campaign to defeat Amendments 6 and 8, has been mobilizing hundreds of Jewish women across the state to educate voters through forums, events and a strategic ad campaign.

Jewish Community Action sparks 5773 conversations

Jewish Community Action members attended the Twin Cities Pride Parade on June 17th, with other local Jewish organizations. Check out more pictures.

South Florida Women dig in their heels this campaign season

As part of the National Council of Jewish Women’s signature initiative Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote, NCJW is mobilizing Jewish women in Florida to educate their communities against frightening ballot initiatives that threaten religious liberty and women’s access to health care.

Young Activists Take "If I Were A Rich Man" Tour Across Country

Members of Bend the Arc have undertaken a journey across the country to discuss progressive taxation with politicians and voters this election season. Seems like qutite an adventure Check out this article on highlighting their work.

"Get well soon" cards for Restaurant Week workers

Organizers are gearing up to deliver flowers and get-well cards to restaurant workers across the city as a token of appreciation and sign of concern for the people who cook and serve their meals. [They will] let customers know that as they go to enjoy their Restaurant Week deals, there is a good chance that their waiter could be sick, all because they couldn’t afford to take the day off and get better.


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