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West Coast Fundraising Workshop + Racial Justice Workshop

West Coast Roundtable Organizations! Let's talk fundraising and racial justice.  

The Jewish Social Justice Movement raises our voice

Check out writing from prophetic voices within our movement. And come back here for more articles as more and more people raise their voices!

9 reasons why you should just write that Op-Ed

This election season, the Roundtable wants YOU to write an Op-Ed from your perspective, raising up issues of justice that you care about. Here are 9 reasons why you should:

How will you Build a Strong Board? Find Out July 7th

We are so excited to announce that the Roundtable will facilitate a Board Development Training in NYC in July. 

Just Added: Two Workshops on December 8 in NYC

The Roundtable is offering two workshops on Tuesday, December 8th in New York City. Staff from all Roundtable organizations are invited -- those in the NYC area, and anyone in town for our Fundraising Workshop on December 9.  Here are the details.     * Note that they are happening at the same time, in different locations.  


Check out the Roundtable's response to the piece called "Strategic Directions for Jewish Life: A Call to Action" that was published earlier this month in E Jewish Philanthropy. We felt it was missing something, so we added our perspective, below: #JewishPurpose: An Invitation to Participate

Get the Gelt: A Fundraising Workshop

Thank you for a successful 2015 training! It was truly a unique opportunity for Roundtable organizations to learn from and with each other about how to fundraise for our organizations. Even in December, prime fundraising season, nearly 60 fundraising staff from across the network gathered to learn and get energized by colleagues. Get the Gelt: A Fundraising Workshop presented by the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable

What is the Voter File?

The Roundtable had a successful Voter File training on August 6 in Washington, DC. 35 people from 13 organizations came together to learn about our new, exciting project to enable collaboration through access to data and cutting-edge technology. 

Roundtable Launches First-Ever Peer Coaching Program!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable Peer-to-Peer Coaching Program! This exciting new project will offer support, guidance and increased capacity to the staff of our organizations. We are connecting professionals from across the Roundtable in pairs to support and guide each other in their work.


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