Network Assembly 2017


2017 Network Assembly

Begins: Tuesday, November 14th, 12pm

Ends: Thursday, November 16th, 1:30pm

Pearlstone Conference & Retreat Center, 5425 Mt Gilead Rd, Reisterstown, MD 21136

Registration has closed


1. To build and strengthen relationships across the Jewish social justice network in order to:
  • connect with peers across organizations in parallel positions

  • better understand the political moment we are in as a community

2. To equip and inspire leaders in the Jewish social justice field to begin to be more effective in achieving racial equity and fighting bigotry & white supremacy - within and beyond the Jewish community.
3. For participants to feel part of, and be energized by, the larger Jewish Social Justice movement (which will, among other things, lay the groundwork for future collaborations)


Important Deadlines

June 9 - Point person from your organization is decided and submitted to the Roundtable

June 14 - Registration opens

August 1 - RSVPs for Racial Justice Add-On Day are due, estimates of number of attendees from each organization due

September 28 - REGISTRATION DEADLINE! Roommate requests due. Travel reiumbursement requests due.

October 4 - Organizational updates due


Table of contents

  1. Point people at organizations

  2. Who should attend the Network Assembly?

  3. Registration fees and Housing

  4. Payment process

  5. Scholarships

  6. Travel to and from Pearlstone

  7. Travel reimbursement

  8. Participant changes

  9. More Pearlstone details and what to bring

  10. What else?


1. Before we begin

By June 9th, please assign one point person per organization to handle all transportation logistics, who can be the person the Roundtable staff communicates with about booking travel and reimbursement process. The point person should email Hannah at [email protected] to confirm this role.

2. Who should attend the Network Assembly?

Organizations who are affiliated with the Roundtable are welcome to come to our 2017 Network Assembly. We suggest that staff members, lay leaders, and board members who are most connected to the Roundtable join the Network Assembly - staff or leaders who have attended Roundtable trainings in the past few years, participated in our 2016 civic engagement campaign, or are in an organizational position to contribute to the gathering’s goals. Since racial justice is a theme of the gathering, staff or leaders who are involved or leading your organization’s internal or external racial justice work may be appropriate, even if they haven’t been to previous Roundtable gatherings.

Member organizations can send up to 4 people; Ally organizations can send up to 2. It is up to each organization to make the decision about who should participate, based on the goals of the Assembly as seen above.

Roundtable staff are available to consult with you about this, as helpful.


Racial Justice Add-On Day

We will have an optional Racial Justice Community of Practice add-on training day starting after lunch on November 16th through lunch on Friday, November 17th. This is for a subset of the Roundtable organizations that are actively working on racial justice (both internally in and externally to the organizations).

Topics may include: Building relationships and partnerships with organizations of color, voting rights work, criminal justice work, delving into the unique Jewish contribution to racial justice, developing our own racial justice stories and identifying what history or cultural patterns get in our way.

Any staff or leaders who are actively working on bringing racial justice to the core of the organizations’ work are welcome to come, and should tell the Roundtable by August 1st. Email [email protected].

We strongly encourage everyone who attends the Racial Justice community of practice add-on day be present for the previous 2 days of the Network Assembly. However, we want to make sure that everyone who desires this community is able to access it.

So, if you are considering joining us just for the add-on day - so arriving midday on Thursday Nov 16, please consider:

  • This add-on day relies on a baseline understanding of the topics we’re covering. Please only attend if you have attended one or more anti-racism trainings (preferably with the Roundtable). The add-on day is a community of practice, not a training, so the concepts we will be working with should not be new to participants (ie, how racism, anti-semitism and white supremacy are interconnected).
  • It will be up to you and your colleagues at your organization to bring you up to speed on the Network Assembly so far. Please identify in advance someone - a “buddy” - to provide this context for you before you attend, and find time to check in with that person before the start of the add-on day.
  • There will be times that we will be using shorthand and refer back to the racial justice training of the Network Assembly. In those moments, please refer to your buddy to bring you up to speed and do not interrupt the entire group to ask a question.

Please also note that, although it's framed as a "day," it goes from lunchtime on 11/16 to 11:30am on 11/17 and does require an overnight. 

3. Registration Fees and Housing


>>There is a $100-195 registration fee per person for the whole Network Assembly (not per night). The Roundtable will cover all program, food and lodging costs above that amount. Registration fees are on a sliding scale based on which accommodations participants choose when they register at the link above.

We recommend staying at Pearlstone in order to make the most of the experience. However, there are hotels convenient to Pearlstone if you prefer to stay in a traditional hotel, or if/when Pearlstone fills up with Network Assembly participants. More information about this option is below.


>> Email roommate requests to [email protected] by September 28th and we will try, but cannot guarantee, to accommodate.

>> Please request an ADA compliant room when you register if you need one. We are happy to accommodate!

>> Everyone at Pearlstone will be sharing a room with 1-8 people. If you would like privacy, we suggest booking a hotel room and signing up for the commuter rate; details below.

All rooms are first come first served, unless you need an ADA compliant room.


Pearlstone provides linens, towels, and soap for all guests.


Option 1: Orchard guest rooms: $195 per person (total) - 2 people per room, private bathroom, handicap accessible Queen beds

Option 2: Cabins and Lodges: $150 per person (total) - 4-8 people per room, suites with sitting areas, twin beds

See here for more details and photos about each style of housing at Pearlstone.

Option 3: Off-site Hotel - $100 program fee for Network Assembly, plus costs of the hotel room(s) you book and pay for.


  • The following hotels are also close to Pearlstone but we do not have a group rate:

    • Hyatt Place Baltimore Owings Mills

      • 4730 Painters Mill Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117

      • (410) 998-3630

  • Hampton Inn Owings Mills – Hilton

    • 10521 Red Run Blvd, Owings Mills, MD 21117

    • (410) 654-2780


Changes to housing preferences will be decided on a case-by-case basis and should be requested by October 6th. Email [email protected].


4. Payment Process for Registration Fees

We are excited to offer this assembly at extremely discounted rates. We ask for a small payment from your organization based on this process:

  • To pay, please send a check to Roundtable after everyone at your organization has registered:

  • Calculate your organization’s payment based on the lodging of each individual attendee.

    • Orchard guest rooms - $195 per person

    • Cabins or Lodge - $150 per person

    • Commuter rate (staying at a hotel) - $100

  • Checks are due 9/28 and should be made payable to Bend the Arc (our fiscal sponsor) and sent to:

    • Jewish Social Justice Roundtable

    • ℅ Bend the Arc

    • 330 7th Ave, 19th floor, New York, NY 10001.

    • Please write "JSJR Network Assembly Registration" in the memo.


  • If you cannot pay by check, please get in touch with [email protected]

  • An invoice is below


5. Scholarships Requests

We want to make sure you can make it to the Network Assembly. If you would like to request a scholarship for participants’ registration fees, please submit one paragraph to Hannah Weilbacher ([email protected]) explaining why you are requesting funds and how much you will need in order to ensure your staff members can attend. We ask that everyone contribute some amount to attend this valuable gathering.

Please send these scholarship requests as early as possible; there is a limited amount available.

6. Travel

Click here for thorough directions to Pearlstone from Baltimore Penn train station and BWI airport, along with information about how and when to schedule your travel, as well as more details about Pearlstone.


You are responsible for transportation from the train station/airport to Pearlstone on Tuesday, November 14. The Roundtable is not arranging for rides and ask you to use the RideShare Board to pool resources.


We are providing just a few shuttles based on popular times to travel FROM Pearlstone to BWI and Penn Station on Thursday and Friday afternoons. They are listed in the RideShare board; please sign up while there is still space.


You are free to book your own shuttles on, add them to the RideShare board, and encourage others to join and split your shuttle with you.  


We are not able to reimburse for transportation back and forth from the station to Pearlstone. If you need this to be reimbursed, please follow the instructions for Scholarship Requests in #5 above.



Please plan to arrive at Pearlstone by NO LATER than 12pm on Tuesday, November 14.



It takes between 35-50 minutes to get from Pearlstone to the airport or train station by car. It can get as long as 50 minutes especially if you call a Lyft or Uber, which can take 20 minutes to arrive at Pearlstone.

Departure Time is 1pm on November 16. Programming ends at 12:30pm and then there is lunch until 1pm that day. Please do not plan to arrive at the airport or train station earlier than 2:30pm on Thursday.

If you are staying for the Racial Justice Add-On Day on Friday, November 17: Departure Time is 11:30am. Please do not plan to arrive at the airport or train station earlier than 12:30pm on Friday.

If you are going to NYC, there is a 12:32pm Train (#176) that will get you to NYC before candle lighting begins.


Roundtable Network Assembly RideShare Board

We have created a rideshare board for your convenience. If you need a ride, OR YOU CAN OFFER A RIDE TO OTHERS, please fill out the form. You are responsible for finding your own match -- so once you add your preferences to the board, please check on it and reach out to the people who can help you make a match. (It's a super easy-to-use system)

This is for sharing rides from cities near Pearlstone (ie, Washington, DC) OR for sharing rides from BWI and the train station to Pearlstone. It can be used for arrival to Pearlstone and departure.

To see the Carpool board and edit it, click here


7. Travel Reimbursement - due 9/28

The Roundtable has a travel stipend fund to enable everyone interested in coming to do so - even from far away.

If organizations can cover their own travel costs, that is very appreciated. We are not able to reimburse for transportation back and forth from the station to Pearlstone. If you need this to be reimbursed, please follow the instructions for Scholarship Requests in #5 above.

The Roundtable will reimburse transportation costs to the following limits:

California/Colorado: $450

Midwest: $300

Boston: $250

Philadelphia: $150

Washington, DC: $50

New York: $150

The South: $600


Because of this, it’s in your best interest to purchase travel as early as possible before prices go up!


>> The deadline to request travel reimbursements is 9/28.

>> You must submit the reimbursement form attached below, AND your receipts, by 9/28 in order to receive reimbursements. We are not able to reimburse for transportation back and forth from the station to Pearlstone. If you need this to be reimbursed, please follow the instructions for Scholarship Requests in #5 above.

Reimbursements will be processed after the Network Assembly.


8. Participant changes

In the case of last-minute cancellations, organizations are encouraged to fill the spot with another staff person. Transportation costs will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


9. More Pearlstone details

>> There is wifi throughout Pearlstone, heating in each room, and each individual will receive their own key to the room you are staying in.

>> If you are interested in bringing your infant, we will work with you to arrange child care. Please indicate this when you register.

>> Pearlstone is a certified O-U Kosher facility.



The following is a suggested list of what to bring with you:

  • Musical Instruments

  • Games

  • Comfortable shoes for walking

  • Seasonally appropriate layers

  • Toiletries: toothpaste, bath soap, shampoo, etc.

  • Ear plugs, eye mask if needed

  • Journal and/or notebook

  • Please note, if you choose to bring a travel mug, due to Pearlstone’s kashrut policy, you will not be able to bring your mug into the main building. You will, however, be able to keep your mugs in the guest rooms.


Pearlstone provides linens, towels, and soap for all guests.



10. What else? Email [email protected] with questions and we will continue to update this page.