Jewish activists welcome the scandals slowing the Trump agenda

Date Published: 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Abby Levine, who directs the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, an umbrella organization for Jewish groups that pursue a largely liberal agenda, said the scandals were relieving pressure on her constituent groups.

“The scandals of the past few weeks are clearly the focus of attention of the White House and it’s very hard for them to get anything else done,” she said. “In a sense, there are positives to that in that there’s not the capacity to change legislation.”

Levine said that a White House too preoccupied with scandal to deal with Congress enabled Jewish organizations to dedicate resources to other areas where they could push back against the Trump agenda, citing as examples litigation by HIAS against the travel bans and advocacy by the same group and others on behalf of undocumented immigrants facing deportation.