Our Mission and Approach

Our Mission

The Jewish Social Justice Roundtable is a network that strengthens and aligns the Jewish social justice field in order to make justice a core expression of Jewish life and help create an equitable world. 

Our Vision

We envision a loving, caring, and equitable world in which power is shared and all are free from injustice. In this world, we live out our Jewish traditions of justice, embrace the beauty and multiplicity of Jewish identities, overcome past and present oppressions, and trust in ourselves, one another, and our partners to pursue justice together. 

Our Approach

Strategies to Acieve our Mission

  1. Supporting the network to advance justice issues of our day and pursue long-term change
  2. Building capacity for broader social change
  3. Making connections and strategic interventions across the field

Roundtable Norms

Roundtable members agree that the following norms represent our good-hearted intentions, our best aspirations and will be applied when appropriate and relevant. We will strive to adhere to them in good faith. In the event of a perceived failure to follow them, we are committed to giving and receiving feedback and engaging in further conversation respectfully.

  1. I will operate out of the belief that I accomplish my goals best when my Roundtable partners accomplish their goals.
  2. I will be supportive of efforts to increase the total resources available for the Jewish social justice field.
  3. I will be generous with sharing information, resources and opportunities for collaboration with Roundtable members.
  4. I will always be direct in seeking to resolve conflict and will encourage others to do the same.
  5. I will make efforts to acknowledge and promote the work of other members of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable.