Second National Jews of Color Convening Director

Jewish Multiracial Network (JMN) seeks an experienced, energetic, and dedicated director to coordinate the Second National Jews of Color Convening, to be held at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) Camp Eisenberg in the Berkshires on June 17 - 20th, 2018. Last year’s Convening, co-organized with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, brought together hundreds of Jews of Color and allies from all over the United States for two days of relationship-building, panels and programming on historical, social, religious and political issues within the Jewish community. This year the Convening will also focus on leadership development for Jews of Color and on building regional chapters for continued programming and mutual support among our members and the broader community. This is a part-time position supported by a grant from the Leichtag Foundation. ideal candidate will have prior experience with conference and retreat management. The Convening Director will:


  • Collaborate with the JMN Board and execute its vision for the convening;


  • Track, assist, and, as necessary, coordinate the work of convening committees;


  • Develop partnerships with ally organizations.


  • Help develop convening content including programs, speakers, panels, workshops, social gatherings, etc.;


  • Identify additional sponsors, contacts, and in-kind donations;


  • Negotiate terms and conditions with event venues and partners to meet logistical and programming needs;


  • Oversee all aspects of event management, audio-visual arrangement, transportation, food and beverage and other operational logistics;


  • Approve and manage convening expenses in collaboration with the JMN Board;


  • Manage public relations and social media;


  • Negotiate any necessary contracts with partners, vendors, suppliers or other parties;


  • Direct and coordinate volunteers;


  • Supervise and help select conference administrator;


  • Conduct post-convening assessment with Board and follow-up with regional chapters;


  • Maintain clear records of all work;


  • Handle other tasks as deemed necessary by JMN Board.



Necessary Core Skills


  1. Understanding of Jewish community and institutions;


  1. Familiarity with the needs and experiences of Jews of Color;


  1. Collaboration;


  1. Communication ;


  1. Financial Management;


  1. Problem Solving/Analysis;


  1. Project Management;


  1. Stress Management


  1. Time Management;


  1. Informational technology competence;


  1. Creative and generative thinking.




Compensation for this position will be a stipend of $7,500. Applicants should be ready to begin work on January 3, 2018.


Please send resume, references, and letter of interest to JMN Board, c/o Eric [email protected] and Ellen Berkowitz, nellberko[email protected] by December 15, 2017.