West Coast Fundraising Workshop + Racial Justice Workshop

By Hannah Weilbacher
West Coast Roundtable Organizations! Let's talk fundraising and racial justice.   Read more...

Roundup of Jewish Justice Events on Inauguration Weekend

By Hannah Weilbacher
The Jewish community is showing up for justice on Inauguration Weekend. See below for a Roundup of Jewish events in DC around the Inauguration weekend and the Women’s March... Read more...

9 reasons why you should just write that Op-Ed

By Hannah Weilbacher
This election season, the Roundtable wants YOU to write an Op-Ed from your perspective, raising up issues of justice that you care about. Here are 9 reasons why you should: Read more...
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Two Featured Roundtable Organizations

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In 2015, Bend the Arc expanded our grassroots network of chapters and affiliates to 14 cities across the country, doubled the size of our online audience of activists, and Bend the Arc Jewish Action launched the first Jewish PAC focused on progressive domestic issues. Building on this growth, we spoke out against xenophobic rhetoric in the election, reaching more than 2 million people with our first TV ad, and we took on — and stopped — three “religious freedom” bills that would have allowed for rampant LGBTQ discrimination.
In March, we unanimously passed our resolution on "The Rights of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals", becoming the largest American clergy association to take such a stand.  Then, in August and September, we participated in the NAACP America's Journey for Justice, as over 200 Rabbis took turns and carried a Torah scroll over 1,000 miles from Selma, AL to Washington, DC.  Lastly, to close out our year, we celebrated the President's executive action on gun violence, which seems heavily influenced by MetroIAF's "Do Not Stand Idly By" Campaign, in whose senior leadership and...