Learn & Take Action on Issues of Justice this Election Season

By Abby Levine
Jews across the country are learning and taking action around issues of justice this election season, in an explicitly Jewish context. Read on for the opportunities to learn... Read more...

28 Jewish groups condemn racism, anti-Semitism in 2016 campaign

July 7, 2016 The Anti-Defamation League and 27 other Jewish social justice organizations penned a forceful open letter imploring political candidates to put an end to the... Read more...

9 reasons why you should just write that Op-Ed

By Hannah Weilbacher
This election season, the Roundtable wants YOU to write an Op-Ed from your perspective, raising up issues of justice that you care about. Here are 9 reasons why you should: Read more...
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Two Featured Roundtable Organizations

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Every week, more than 250 children in four Workmen’s Circle Jewish cultural schools make the world a better and more beautiful place through hands-on social justice programs. Our young activists advocate for workers’ rights, food justice, ending genocide, and more.
In 2015 Ameinu promoted values of social justice and peace in Israel, the US and internationally. Ameinu engaged the Jewish community – including over 440 rabbis - to support the Iranian nuclear deal. Ameinu developed a guide for progressives in North America to work for human rights, peace and reconciliation in Israel and Palestine. And domestically and in Israel, Ameinu advocated to support vulnerable refugees, including those from Syria, Sudan and Eritrea.