Jewish Social Justice Organizations Respond to Executive Order on Refugees

By Hannah Weilbacher
Several Jewish Social Justice Roundtable organizations have made statements condemning the executive order banning refugee resettlement and immigration. Read more...

May Job Roundup

By Hannah Weilbacher
Looking for a job in a meaningful, exciting field? Or ready for your next move? See below for jobs available in the field of Jewish social justice. This month there are many... Read more...

9 reasons why you should just write that Op-Ed

By Hannah Weilbacher
This election season, the Roundtable wants YOU to write an Op-Ed from your perspective, raising up issues of justice that you care about. Here are 9 reasons why you should: Read more...
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Two Featured Roundtable Organizations

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Challah for Hunger has engaged 20,000+ volunteers, who have donated $1 million to fight hunger. We recently launched two new programs: The Campus Hunger Project, an advocacy initiative to find long term solutions to hunger on campus, and the Social Change Bakery Network, which expands our programs to teens, families with kids ages 4-10, and young adults with different abiliPes in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.   
In the last year Hazon launched our new JOFEE Fellows program - we've now recruited, trained and deployed 35 Fellows in two cohorts. [JOFEE = Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Education]. We delivered in the last year the greatest number of programs in our history, to the greatest number of participants, including over 26,000 person-days of immersive experiences. In Detroit we produced the largest single event in our history - nearly 5,000 people came to the first-ever Michigan Jewish Food Festival. And, internally, we've begun a multi-year process to start to rebuild our...