Get the Gelt: A Fundraising Workshop

By Abby Levine
We’re excited to announce the Roundtable's 2015 gathering - a unique opportunity for Roundtable organizations to learn from and with each other about how to fundraise for our... Read more...

Just Added: Two Workshops on December 8 in NYC

By Abby Levine
The Roundtable is offering two workshops on Tuesday, December 8th in New York City. Staff from all Roundtable organizations are invited -- those in the NYC area, and anyone... Read more...

Work for Jewish Social Justice - November 2015

By Hannah Weilbacher
This month brings many opportunities to work for a great Jewish Social Justice organization. From internships and entry-level positions to managers and directors, there are... Read more...
RT : The challenges & rewards of fundraising for social change - a series of conversations w/ development directors https://t.co/HQqMMThZog
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Two Featured Roundtable Organizations

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Every week, more than 250 children in four Workmen’s Circle Jewish cultural schools make the world a better and more beautiful place through hands-on social justice programs. Our young activists advocate for workers’ rights, food justice, ending genocide, and more.
In 2014, Ameinu launched a campaign to promote shared society for Israeli Jews and Arabs and to strengthen the mainstream peace camp through education to "mainstream" values of shared society, support grassroots organizations working to empower Arab citizens and engage activists for shared existence and increase opportunities to study Arabic and social justice in Israel.