Based on a shared vision, the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, animated by Jewish tradition and values, makes social justice a core expression of Jewish life, while advancing social justice issues in the broader society.

Roundtable Norms

Roundtable members agree that the following norms represent our good-hearted intentions, our best aspirations and will be applied when appropriate and relevant. We will strive to adhere to them in good faith. In the event of a perceived failure to follow them, we are committed to giving and receiving feedback and engaging in further conversation respectfully.

  1. I will operate out of the belief that I accomplish my goals best when my Roundtable partners accomplish their goals.

  2. I will be supportive of efforts to increase the total resources available for the Jewish social justice field.

  3. I will be generous with sharing information, resources and opportunities for collaboration with Roundtable members.

  4. I will always be direct in seeking to resolve conflict and will encourage others to do the same.

  5. I will make efforts to acknowledge and promote the work of other members of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable.